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What Does the Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty Cover?

When you purchase a new Ford vehicle, you are covered from defects in materials or workmanship that originated at the factory. This basic bumper-to-bumper warranty starts on the sale date of the new vehicle, and lasts for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Your vehicle is also covered by a powertrain warranty lasting 5 year or 60,000 miles.

Additional factory warranties provide coverage over additional rust perforation, emission components, and safety belts. These warranties protect you from defects originating from the factory, and do not cover standard maintenance costs. If you encounter issues with your new Ford vehicle, make an appointment with our authorized Ford service center today so we can help to diagnose the problem.

Ford Warranty Coverage


Wiper Blade Warranty

6 Months/
Unlimited Miles

Wheel Alignment Warranty

12 Months/
12,000 Miles

Tire Balancing Warranty

12 Months/
12,000 Miles

Brake Pad/Lining Replacement Warranty

12 Months/
18,000 Miles

Emissions Warranty (Passenger cars and light duty trucks)

2 Years/
24,000 Miles

Tire Warranty

3 Years/
36,000 Miles*

Ford Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

3 Years/
36,000 Miles

Emissions Warranty (Heavy duty trucks)

5 Years/
50,000 Miles

Ford Powertrain Warranty

5 Years/
60,000 Miles

Safety Restraint System Warranty

5 Years/
60,000 Miles

Roadside Assistance

5 Years/
60,000 Miles

Power Stroke Diesel Engine Warranty

5 Years/
100,000 Miles

Corrosion Warranty

5 Years/
Unlimited Miles

Emissions Warranty (Certain emissions parts)

8 Years/
80,000 Miles

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Unique Component Coverage

8 Years/
100,000 Miles

*1-12,000 miles: Ford covers 100% of the parts,
12,001-24,000 miles: Ford covers 60% of the parts,
21,001-36,000 miles: Ford covers 30% of the parts

Does a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Include a Warranty?

Every Certified Pre-Owned Ford undergoes a 172-point inspection and comes with a Comprehensive Limited Warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles. This protects over 1,000 components including:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Rear-wheel drive components
  • Front-wheel drive components
  • Steering components
  • Brakes
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Electrical system
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Technology components
  • Emissions components
  • Factory-installed audio system
  • Safety systems

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Unique Component Coverage

The components in the electric drivetrain system of your vehicle will vary, depending on whether your vehicle is a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, electric drivetrain system components covered by this warranty may include, and are not limited to: high-voltage battery, high-voltage battery connector, high-voltage battery isolation switch (manual disconnect switch), battery pack fan assembly, battery pack sensor module (HBPSM), battery energy control module (BECM), on-board charger, on-board charger fan assembly, inverter system controller (ISC), DC/DC converter, hybrid continuously variable transmission, transmission range sensor, and the electronic drive module assembly (the electric motor and gearbox).

If an electric drivetrain system component requires replacement under warranty, it may be replaced with a new factory remanufactured, or factory refurbished component, at Ford’s discretion.

Ford Protect Extended Service Plans

If you want to continue your service coverage beyond the Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty, our specialists can assist you with selecting the right Ford Protect plan for you. Purchasing a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan provides peace of mind knowing that your Ford vehicle is covered should unexpected repairs arise. Contact our service department today to learn about which plan is right for your vehicle. All Ford Protect plans also include the following benefits:

  • Dealer support across the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • Only Ford authorized parts and service
  • Interest-free financing up to 24 months on most plans
  • Up to 10 days of rental vehicle benefits if your vehicle is kept overnight for repairs
  • Pay only the applicable deductible on covered repairs
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Coverage is 100% Transferable